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VSDC video editor is a video editing software developed for the Windows PC. It let you to professionally edit your videos and transform them to an all new level. While there are many video editing software available on the internet, only a very few offer some professionals tools and options.

VSDC video editor is one among those few video editing software that offers professional video editing tools and settings that allows you to edit your videos in a more professional manner. The software ensures in giving cinematic and realistic touches to your videos more effectively than other video editors.

The extensive set of features offered by the software makes it a perfect fit for both professional video editors and other random users who do not have much knowledge of video editing.

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How simple is the installation process?

The installation of VSDC video editor software is very simple and just like other video editing software that we have seen earlier here. You just need to make a series of clicks to select the installation location and their terms and conditions before kick-starting the installation process. The installation takes only a few seconds to complete and you can directly start using the software once the installation is completed.

What are the features of VSDC Video Editor?

VSDC video editor is a professional video editing software that can be used by both professionals and other novice users. The software offers some extensive set of features and tools that gives it a professional touch and feel. Let’s discuss the list of features that the software offers its users.

  • The capture video feature lets you capture your own videos using your PC webcam. You can capture videos from your PC webcam and edit them as per your needs.
  • The software offers a number of pre-designed video effects that can be applied to your video to enhance its look and feel.
  • The screen capture feature allows you to record your PC screen and edit them. This tool is more useful for preparing presentations and demonstration videos.
  • The software allows you to add 2K and 4K resolution to your captured videos and thereby enhance its resolution quality.
  • The 360 degree or 3D editor allows you to edit your panoramic videos and VR video footages to give it a more 3D touch.
  • The chroma-key feature lets you remove the background color in your image or video.
  • The masking tool allows you to add different shaped masks to hide, highlight or blur preferred parts on your video or image.

How simple is the user interface of the software?

The user interface of VSDC video editor is neat and clean and simple to use by any category of users ranging from a novice to a professional. You can find all the available tools and features at the home screen itself which makes it easy to edit your videos effectively. Let’s now take a look at how to use the different video editing tools offered by the software.

To start creating a new project by adding videos and editing them, you need to click on the blank project button and enter the details for the project like project name, author name and other details required.

After creating a project, you can now add videos, images, audios, text, and animations to create a video file by using the tools at the left side of the editor screen. You can even add charts and other simple objects like a circle, rectangle, etc.

After adding all the object in the video, you can alter the position of the objects by moving them in the working graph below the video editor.

You can make use of other tools present in the upper menu to cut, crop, trim parts of the video. There are also tools available to rotate the scenes or objects in the video.

In the scenes tab, you can find options to add, remove or move scenes in the video.

In the edit tab, you can find tools to copy and paste scenes and objects present in the video. You can also delete scenes and objects present in the video using the delete option in this tool.

The view tab provides options to display and hide different menus in the editor windows. For example, the objects tools will display the objects menu at the left side of the editor window, the layout tools will show or hide the layout tools present in the upper menu of the editor window.

You can also add different effects to your video by clicking the video effects button in the editor tab. There are several predesigned effects that can be quickly added to your video to give it a fresh look.


In the export tab, you can export the created project to a preferred video file that can be played on any playback device or on your mobile format. You can create the video file in any video format you like. The software provides various formats like AVI, MPG, MKV, MOV, Apple videos, Android videos, etc.


After selecting the format to which you like to create the video file, you can start the conversion process by clicking the start conversion button present in this conversion tab. The conversion speed is very moderate and might not be very quick like professional video convertors. It took 2 minutes for converting a 4 mins video.


Create Slideshow:

This feature allows you to create a slideshow video using your images or videos. You can use this feature to create a slideshow for presentations or other practical demonstrations.

Add images or videos to the slideshow by clicking the Add files button and browsing for your preferred image and video files. You can move the images in the slideshows by simply dragging and dropping them to the preferred position.

You need to select the transition type that you want between the different videos or images in the slideshow. You can add a different transition between each pair of image or video. To add a transition, drag and drop a transition on to the arrow between each image in the slideshow.

After creating the slideshow, you can save it by clicking the Apply settings button. You can then export the slideshow to a video file that can be saved on your PC just like how you save while creating a new project.


Import Content:

This tool allows you to import a video or image from your PC and edit it using the software.

Video Capture:

This tool allows you to capture or record video using the PC webcam. After opening the tool, select the destination location where you like to save the recorded video. Also, select the format in which you wish to save the recorded video. Finally, click on the ‘Start Recording’ button to start recording video using the webcam.

Once the recording is done, click on the stop recording button to stop the recording.


Screen capture:

This tool lets you capture or record your windows screen. The functioning of this tool is similar to that of the video capture tool. Select the destination location and format of the screen capture and then start the recording.


Once you click the start recording button, a box appears in your PC screen and everything inside that box will be captured or recorded. You can alter the size of the box by dragging its four edges. After finalizing the box size, click on the record button to start the recording.


Once done, click the stop button to stop the recording of your PC screen. You can also do some drawings on your screen recording by clicking the drawing button.

Help and Software settings:

To access other general settings related to the software, click on the options button at the top right corner of the application window.

If you face any issues with the software, you can contact their technical support team by selecting the technical support option available under the Activation tab.

What People say about VSDC Video Editor

The word of mouth for the software is positive as most of the reviews have given a good rating and positive verdicts. But I also found some reviews which shared some negative views about the software though only a very few.

The major drawback that these reviews pointed to is the poor user interface. But for me personally, I did not have any concern with its interface. So it is advised that you try using the software before buying it.

The user comments were mostly positive except a very few. Some of the negative comments were regarding the performance and not about the interface.

Please find below some of the positive testimonials about the software that I came across on the internet.

A brilliant video suite for Windows. Edit and cut videos to a professional standard, and apply special filters and effects.” – TechRadar

VSDC pro is awesome for starting a video channel or make an awesome home video for a fraction cost of what premium video. If you need to use advanced features like transaction slo-mo than try some other more premium software. I think for this price its a steal.” – User

What is the price of VSDC video editor?

VSDC video editor is available only for PC’s that run on the Windows operating system. Also, there is only one package available for the software.

The price of the software is $19.99 for 2 PC / 1 Year license , it is really a steal compared to the value you got.

At present, there are no special offers or discount either with us or on their official website. Will let you know if any offers pop up in the future.

Also, there is no money back guarantee available for software. So it is highly recommended that you first try using the software before making any purchase.

Verdict and Conclusion:

Overall, VSDC video editor is a simple yet effective video editing software that lets you create some good and professional videos within a short period of time. Its simple and neat user interface makes it easy for even a novice user to make full use of the software for editing their videos. With the price of the software being cheap and nominal, the software is worth every penny you spend on it.

Welcome to reviews47.blog, we will try the software and give our honest personal review about the software and give you the most reliable purchasing advice. Our goal is to make it easy for you to pick the best product and be confident in your decision.

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